Q&A – Survey Results

Q – I would like to eventually see the results from everyone who participated.

A – I prepare a loss survey for total OR and WA and for individual club responses soon after the survey closes (in May). It takes longer to analyze the management and reconcile managements with losses and do the statistics but I prepare those reports in June and into July – initially for the larger data bases of total OR and WA respondents and then for the larger club responses (beginning with PUB, our survey host). I do not do an individual club report if there are fewer than 18 responses for a club (data base is too small to be really meaningful and for use of statistical analysis) but I do look at some specific managements (those for example that are significant for the larger data base). All reports are filed in same location as the survey itself www.pnwhoneybeesurvey.com . You can see reports from last several years by looking under Survey results – slide sideways for Individual Club reports

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