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Bee Stewardship

I keep my bees covered from the rain and off the ground with blocks and a piece of plywood on top of the blocks. I also shade from the direct sun in the summer.
RESPONSE – Both are good bee stewardship – thanks for sharing.

Survey confusion

I’m not sure the survey allowed me to really state what I did. I bought to CA packages, split them, left the two original queens in two hives and gave the other two hives hygienic queens. The bees were put in hives with comb and honey from the previous year. I think moisture killed the colonies but I can’t be 100% sure.

RESPONSE: I think the survey had some places you could have included these comments. We ask why you feel colonies died and under other you could have added you moisture comment. The detail we were seeking was 2 new splits and 2 packages with 0 survivals. I am not prepared to ask about queen sources – but it could be added at some future date. Too few beekeepers know their queen sources to allow for many respondents.

Mold vs. drawn comb

Hives were very damp and moldy when I opened the dead hives. They were strong earlier with plenty of food packed away.

RESPONSE: When colonies die the combs do get moldy and honey (if any) will ferment and by the time we discover the loss the comb looks terrible. BUT give it to bees to clean up and you will be amazed how they will recover that comb. Drawn comb is our most valuable resource- don’t cut it out, nor throw it away.