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Yellow Jackets & honey reuse

My 2nd year hive yielded nearly 3 supers of honey (65#). No honey was harvested from the 1st year hive. Both were moved to my home after the property they were on was sold. Both hives were active for about 1 month then it was apparent that a very large yellow jacket nest was located across the road in my neighbor’s tree (an 18″ bag). The yellow jackets had invaded both nests and all honey bees were dead. I have started one new hive this spring with 3# of bees w/queen. They are very active and I have been supplementing with sugar water. Their upper box was left intact with 6 of the 10 frames full of last year’s honey.
RESPONSE – There are many other critters, certainly Yellow jackets that want to use the resources of a honey bee hive. Sounds like you were able to get some yourself. WELL DONE. First year colonies are not normally able to supply us with surplus. Trust restarted colony goes well this year.

bee keeper challenges

It is very challenging to be a bee keeper, it is very expensive hobby. I am doing it to help the bees. It is very hard. You lose bees to yellow jackets, robbing …
Response –  You are certainly correct that when a colony dies that it is a significant loss of time and money. They are expensive. Trust you have better successes this season. Thanks for sharing

Weak Swarm Hives

Most significant loss was 3 weak swarm hives to yellow jackets in September – should have requeened. Thanks for conducting the survey!
RESPONSE – Weaker colonies are always more vulnerable. And what a great yellow jacket year it was (for them) – hopefully they will have smaller populations and fewer successful nests this coming fall.