Survey Results

The data provided to PNW Honey Bee Survey is rich with possibilities! So while you will see somethings written about or mapped there will be others that appear to have fallen through the cracks… be assured that they have not. While demand states that the loss numbers are the most important variable to get out comparatively each year there are many variables that are being analyzed in the background as we look for correlations and patterns. Then still some data will just be stored and collected over the next few years for future trend analysis.

After the close of each years survey we delve into the raw data and clean out any excessive outliers such as those with over 50 colonies, duplicate entries, and general user format errors. This is also the time we review the comments to see if there are any hidden nuggets of information that should be applied to the users data row. Since this entire survey has been built from scratch it has become an evolving learning process were we tackle a few known items each year in hopes to make either the user interface or the backside analysis more friendly and the comment section has been a valuable tool for both!

Maps were created for hive density and loss in the 2013-14 yet not for the 2014-15 year due to time spent on demands for improved user interface. With this a year was spent on the creation of PNW webpage, improvements to the survey itself, and the data graphing for Dewey’s reporting . The goal for the 2016-17 survey year is to create a hive location tool much like Google Maps embedded within our survey itself to ease both sides of the hive location analysis portion. Suggestions for this warmly welcomed!

Once the hive locating tool interface is achieved time will be spent on mapping correlations within the data sets as hive loss relates to regions, clubs, treatments, feedings, hive densities, human densities, land use, foraging options …. the list goes on! All maps created will be posted and discussed here in the reports section.

Results are divided by year and then again displayed as separate pages for written reports and maps. Enjoy your browsing and don’t hesitate to email us with your questions or comments about any of it. Remember this is FOR PNW beekeepers BY PNW beekeepers.

2022-23 Survey Results  —–  Reports —– Maps

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