The Buzz (site Blog)

Relevant articles and survey participants Q&A. The last entry of the survey ask for your comments and questions about the survey itself or general beekeeping in the Pacific North West. These are quickly responded to and anonymously blogged for increased knowledge within the beekeeping community. What one beekeeper asks, another may be wondering. As such the blog page is where those questions will be posted with answers from one of the survey crew, likely Dr. Dewey Caron himself. In order to continue the dialog you must email referencing the blog post or create a login to participate.

Note Sheet

For your bee tool box. A filled out note page will reduce your time doing survey each spring and possibly remind you of beekeeping practices to consider throughout the bee season.


If you have missed it this year and would like to get on the reminder list for next year please fill out this reminder request form or send an email to and simply place “REMINDER” in the subject line.

Our annual survey will be accepting responses each April at

Each spring an updated paper survey will be made available which can be either emailed or US post mailed in to address provided. As of 2017-18 collection year there are separate paper copies depending on the amount of hives you typically care for. Although state beekeeper associations tend to consider beekeepers as Small scale (less than 25 hives) Sideliner (25–300 hives) Commercial (more than 300 hives), PNW has chosen to separate our data analysis at 50 hives. We hope this doesn’t cause too much confusion.

PaperSurvey (Under 50 Hives)  For those with 50 hives or less who prefer to fill out and send us rather than participate online.

Paper Survey (Over 50 Hives/Commercial) For those with over 50 hives who prefer to fill out and send us rather than participate online.

Each year the results are shared with participating beekeepers through beekeeping club presentations, newsletters, websites and journal articles as available. All prior years survey results are available at