Q&A – high varroa levels

Q – The hive I lost was due to high varroa levels. Even with treatments in July and September (it was a purchased nuc in late April) the varroa levels rebounded quickly, although the treatments knocked the levels down to below 3 per 100.

A – Thanks for doing survey. You commented that you lost 2 hives to high varroa even though you treated in July & September. The treatments knocked mite level down.  I wish we knew what was gong on – best guess is  virus epidemic took hives down? We have no treatment for virus so we go after vector (mites). If we knock mite numbers down that should reduce the epidemic of virus! Others are stating same thing – the last couple of years. Mite controls bring numbers down in Aug/Sept but colonies still are lost. NOT SURE WHAT IS HAPPENING.

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