2015 Survey Q & A – Packages in late April

Q -Opinion on my failed colony: It never had a chance. Got the packages in late April; day received was nasty weather and by the time the second package was installed, they were extremely stressed with 100’s of dead bees on bottom of package. Honey flow was early and they just weren’t ready (the other package went in OK; the bees were mad because of the weather, but they weren’t dropping dead). Supplemental feeding in fall and winter didn’t save the 8-frame. Did same feedings for 10-frame and they thrived. I think my 8-frame simply died off. Found several hundred dead bees in the hive, but none were bottoms-up in the comb. On bottom board and scattered thru hive.

A – I would agree that the colony was likely started too late and they simply don’t have chance to grow enough and store enough to survive. Flows can be too early and thy use it to build bees and then lack stores. Feeding may or may not rescue a colony short on stores – we try and sometimes it still is not enough. It sounds like the 8 frame may have had queen event and that then lead to their doom. Thanks for sending a comment. Hopefully this season will turn out better.

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