2015 Survey Q & A – Insecticides & Hanging Hives

Q-I have plains that spray the alfalfa fields after say 7 am is that to late in the day for them to spray? If spraying is limited to times and places who do I contact concerning the use of insecticides? Also I would like to try hanging hives? Can you help?

A-Thank you for sending us your information on overwintering success. Under comments you asked about spraying and hanging hives from trees.Sprays applied in the morning can cause bee losses if the area sprayed has flowering plans (weeds or the target crop being sprayed are in flower or the hives are sprayed directly. The longer the interval from spray application to when bees will be flying the potential for damage is reduced. Unfortunately there is no agency to visit to seek relief. Consult our OSU publication 591  “How to Protect Honey Bees from Pesticides -free download at:https://catalog.extension.oregonstate.edu/files/project/pdf/pnw591.pdf.

Hanging bee hives is possible ..in some areas hives are commonly hung to avoid predation from ants or other animals .. but managing such colonies is often a challenge. Siting hives should be done at our convenience as bees will do well just about anywhere.

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