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2015 Survey Q & A – Source and Species

Q-Would like to know
1-Source of Nucs & Packages
2-Source of queens
3-Species of queens

A-Thank you for filling our a survey. You asked under comments about
1. sources of nuc & packages – several of the local associations have
nucs purchase plans including TVBA, Portland Metro and WVBA.
Bridgetown Bees in Portland has been taking orders for nucs as has
Ruhl Bee Supply in Gladstone.. Many of the nucs come from Foothills
Honey Co in Colton, OR.
2. source of queens – there are probably 200 queen suppliers in the
US. Ads for these may be found in current issues of American Bee
Journal and Bee Culture Magazine and on the internet. A source of
local OR queens is Old SOL Apiaries in Rogue River OR
3. Species of queens – we have a single honey bee species that we
beekeep but I think you are asking about bee races. Queens of Russian
stock, hygienic bees, Italian, Carniolan and Caucasian bees are all
readily available – see the ads or sources mentioned in #2 above.