Pacific North West annual loss survey is the regions historic bee loss survey mixed with the technology from generation X, a grass roots attempt to make a difference with our combined experience and knowledge in backyard beekeeping. In the fall of 2013 the Portland Urban Beekeepers decided to expand on Dr Caron’s annual survey to cover not just its participants wintering loss numbers but the origination of their bees, their hive type, mite monitoring practices, the keepers years of experience, survival strategies and opinions on colony death over last winter.  The addition of collecting the apiaries locations brought the ability to map the density of Portland’s bees to look for patterns in their successes and failures. In recent years the survey has been extended to any backyard beekeeper within Washington and Oregon with 50 colonies or less allowing us to collect data on over 1,000 hives annually. With this data pool we hope to obtain a better understanding of the differences between national, regional, and local winter loss numbers of the western honey bee (Apis Mellifera). Each year we will share what has statistically worked best in each region participating. Thank you for visiting!

Our annual survey will be accepting responses each April at www.pnwhoneybeesurvey.com/survey

Each spring an updated PaperSurvey will be made available which can be either emailed or US post mailed in to address provided.

If you have missed it this year and would like to get on the reminder list for next year please email us info@pnwhoneybeesurvey.com and simply place “REMINDER” in the subject line.

Each year the results are shared with participating beekeepers through beekeeping club presentations, newsletters, websites and journal articles as available. All prior years survey results are available at www.pnwhoneybeesurvey.com/survey-results.

The last entry of the survey ask for your comments and questions about the survey itself or general beekeeping in the Pacific North West. These are quickly responded to and anonymously blogged for increased knowledge within the beekeeping community. What one beekeeper asks, another may be wondering. As such the blog page is where those questions will be posted with answers from one of the survey crew, likely Dr. Dewey Caron himself.

One of these comments requested a  NOTE SHEET to take notes on to aid in survey preparation. As requested here is Note Worthy Preparation

The team behind PNW Honey Bee Loss Survey wish to gratefully acknowledge Portland Urban Beekeepers for sponsoring this site and continuing to be a driving force behind the outreach and educational goals for the beekeeping community at large.